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Founder and owner, Megan Forziati, created Triniti Yoga with the intention of offering holistic wellness whether we are near or far from one another.


We hold both virtual and live classes.  We offer private and customized group sessions, events, and 1:1 classes to best meet the needs of each and every person.


We provide direction for every level yogi as well as holistic nutrition programs to help you achieve a balanced body, mind, and soul - our Holy Triniti. We encourage you to practice where you feel most comfortable, so whether that is face to face, virtual, inside, or outside, make the decision that feels good to you!

Our mission is to remind one another we have the power to heal and grow. With patience and persistence, our dreams may become reality. Share in this experience of beauty, wellness, and bonding. Let us meet on our mats. Stretch our limbs. Strengthen our muscles. Expand our lungs. Deepen our awareness. Let us flow.


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