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Our Tribe

Megan Forziati

After graduating early with a double major from the University of Pittsburgh, our owner, Megan Forziati, took to the road in search of perspective. She travelled the 48 contiguous states with her pup in an ’83 Dodge van, and ultimately deep dove into her yogic journey, focusing on healing a slipped disc and spinal cord issue.  Megan’s classes focus on deepening the connection between body, mind, and earth while cultivating a light-hearted environment. 

New York

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Meaghan MacLean

Meaghan MacLean is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer, and functional fitness coach who helps empower others to become strong from the inside out.  Her journey with wellness began in 2015 after realizing she had the power to heal her gut issues and chronic fatigue.  Using real food, lifestyle change, and nutritional supplementation, Meaghan's approach addresses the root causes of subpar health and performance, without the all or nothing mindset.
Credentials: FNTP, CF-L2


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